My vision is a world where we’re all doing work we love. A world where we express our unique talents and interests in ways that excite and inspire us every day. I believe that when we do what we love, we put ourselves in the best possible position to make the greatest impact on the world. And when we do what we love, that impact is magnified further when we do our own inner work and let go of what’s holding us back from our fullest expression of ourselves in all aspects of our lives.

my approach

My approach is rooted in empowerment and compassion. I am here to support you through your unique process to bring more passion, fulfillment and meaning to your life. I am a consultant, a guide, a mentor.

I use a Transpersonal approach to hypnotherapy, where my role is to create space, and the client is empowered to find the best path to their own healing. I help you to create a deep connection with the wisest, most creative and clear part of yourself — people often call this the higher self, or your inner wisdom, or your true self. We will trust this part to guide us in the direction that will serve your highest good.

Whether it’s a coaching conversation or a hypnotherapy session, my primary guiding principle is that I help you to help yourself. I believe that we all have the ability within to heal and grow. My approach facilitates that, and I support you throughout the entire process.

What’s holding you back from taking the next big step in your career/business, or your personal life?

Whether you’re already pursuing work that you love or you’re trying to fall in love with your business again, the answers often come down to the same few topics: purpose, money, and worthiness. I help my clients connect to their own inner wisdom to achieve:

  1. Clarity of purpose (and how you want to express it)

  2. A healthy relationship with money (and a mindset of abundance)

  3. A sense of worthiness and self-love

The Nitty Gritty

Our meetings will run for 90 minutes and will involve either hypnotherapy, coaching conversations or past life regressions. No two clients follow the same process. It is all 100% tailored to you, and we’ll create your individual process together. I have a toolkit of other modalities that I may utilize (e.g., EFT/tapping, meditation, reiki, yoga), depending on the situation and your preferences.

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