Here's what clients have had to say…

Staying true to your path and following your unique journey takes some deep work and insight. My sessions with Laura Livingston have been a significant part of my personal and professional growth. Laura provides the right time and space for the magic to happen. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to go deep and uncover their potential. Thank you, Laura!
I’ve finally figured out where my life is headed after a lifetime of searching, and I’ve never been happier or more satisfied. Her multi-faceted approach means she has a bunch of different techniques to utilize and she’ll help you find what works best for you. Thank you for all you do, Laura! I wouldn’t be where I am today professionally or personally without you.
Laura recently took me through a past life regression. This was my 3rd experience, but the first with Laura. We worked together remotely, and her voice and the imagery she used led me seamlessly into what felt like very real and vivid memories. Laura was careful to guide me through the regression without asking leading questions, which made the experience feel very authentic. The memories we uncovered and our discussion afterword were so helpful in identifying struggles and discoveries I’ve made in my current life. I highly recommend working with Laura and opening yourself to the powerful experience of a past life regression!
Laura has helped me through so many of life’s problems and transitions. One emergency session of tapping with her and my anxiety regarding a recent fight went from through-the-roof to incredibly manageable, while also giving me better insight into the relationship. She also helps me realize what my subconscious already knows but my conscious brain hasn’t caught up to yet through hypnotherapy.
Laura immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease in our session, and even though I had never been hypnotized before, I knew that I was in good hands. I was a heavy smoker for many years, and although I had quit a few times in the past, I found myself looking for a new way to support myself through this struggle again. My experience was incredible, and not only have I been smoke free ever since, but I find that I rarely think about cigarettes at all, and if I do I am able to fast forward through any craving that arises. I feel empowered, healthy, and relieved, as well as lucky to have found someone as fantastic as Laura. She is intuitive, warm, and deeply invested in her work.
The hypnosis session was amazing. It was the first time in years that I was able to get into a deep meditative state effortlessly. I’ve tried guided meditation / mindfulness apps, but they don’t work as well.
I am so grateful, and feel more at peace than I can ever remember. I had no idea...that with your guidance I could ever see my way through it. You’ve given me something I’ve never had!
Hi Laura! It’s been about six days since our session. I want you to know that I feel much more centered. Mostly what I’m experiencing is a feeling and a sense of going inward rather than looking outside for answers as to “why?”. I used to feel guilty about going no-contact with my abuser because I truly loved him and didn’t want him to hurt. But since our session on self-love and the hypnosis that took me inside, I don’t feel that anymore and it is freeing. I am so very grateful for the work that you do! I’m looking forward to our next session. I still have work to do, but it’s a big leap for me!!